Sunday, March 8, 2015

15" Packing Sleeves/Folders by Dot&Dot (Available in 10 Colors, 1pc and 2pc Set)

~ Disclaimer: This product was given to me in exchange for my 100% honest and unbiased opinion. All thoughts expressed in this blog review are my own ~

The Dot&Dot packing folder unvelcros, to lay flat, revealing a durable folding card with easy instructions about how to fold your shirts printed right on it.

I intensely dislike packing for business or even vacation. The anxiety of making sure I remember to pack everything needed for a family of 5 or even just myself is not enjoyable for me! Folding clothes is also not something I freely choose to spend my time on. The Dot&Dot 15x10" Packing Folder makes doing both much more enjoyable! Follow the guide on the instruction card included in your bag. It makes folding shirts quick, easy and painless.

The packing folder will hold 5 to 7 shirts once folded. Once loaded with your shirts you can re-velcro the packing folder. A Dot&Dot spill proof zip lock container was also included which is great for personal care products or you can put the loaded packing folder inside of it for extra protection. It's a fashionable and quality product.

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