Sunday, July 19, 2015

Bath Pillow, Comfortable, Luxuriously Soft Padded Spa Pillow with Extra Foam and Premium Suctions Cups from Balance

~Dislaimer: I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. All thoughts expressed in this review are my own opinions.~

The Balance Bath Spa Pillow is a comfortable, two panel soft foam bath pillow that is shaped to provide head, neck and shoulders comfort. It's 7 suction cups secure the pillow in place providing the perfect position in your bathtub. It Also has water proof vinyl so its cushioned yet protected by any water damage. The foam cushion inside provides support for a long relaxing soak.

Unlike the bath pillow I was previously using,that only supported my head but offered no neck support, this pillow really comforts and supports my head, neck and shoulders. I don't get sore or stiff after soaking for an hour with my shoudler blades on the hard tub surface. Very comforting and cushiony. I love toam and this is far superior to inflatable pillows.

The strong suction cups keep the pillow on place, they don't move and pillow stays where you want it to. The vinyl covering is easy to clean, with regular cleanser you use on tub. Aaaaaahhhh, relaxation at its finest!


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Company Product Description

Comfortable, Luxuriously Soft Padded Spa Pillow with Extra Foam and Premium Suctions Cups. Fits Any Size Bathtub, Hot Tub or Jacuzzi.

✔ Extra foam for superior support and comfort

✔ 2 section pillow, designed to fit anywhere in your tub

✔ 7 quality suction cups stick securely to any size and shape tub

✔ Durable, chemically and odor resistant vinyl cover, easy to clean and maintain

✔ Smooth and warm exterior that feels great on your skin

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