Saturday, June 27, 2015

Fulmar 3-piece Mixing Bowls made of Stainless Steel with Silicone Handle and Non-skid Bottom

I have always loved baking. Cooking is not my thing, as much as I wish it was. I am not a complicated Seasonstress that knows how to make food come alive with this or that flavor.

I know these things about yummy baked food: sugar, flour, eggs vanilla & butter.

I love to bake and used to bake as a kid, starting at age 8 and until I left home at 17. I took a few years off from that when I became an adult but eventually got back to it in my mid-twenties after I had a husband and kids to bake goodies for. I always had less than nice mixing bowls which created big messes when you are using elbow grease to mix every granule to oblivion..... into a smooth batter. I have had my share of slides and spills with messy ingredients!

Enter: The stunning and fabulous Fulmar 3-piece Mixing Bowls made of Stainless Steel with Silicon Handle and Non-skid Bottom

These pretty babies are made of high grade stainless steel with a brushed metal exterior and silicone rubber coated handles and bottom for grip in my hand and on my countertop. No more sliding around or tipping over!

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~Disclaimer: I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. All thoughts expressed in this review are my own opinions.~

As you can see above, these beautiful Fulmar mixing bowls stack well, great for storage and for keeping them all in one place, at the ready for their next task!

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The inside bowls boast a beautiful, brilliant high shine finish. The small, medium and large bowls hold a generous 6, 12 and 16 cups capacity. (1.2L, 2.5L and 3L)

The beautiful ouside finish has the Fulmar brand logo inscribed and the spouts are precise and ensure a perfect pour. This makes baking life GOOD and easy. These aren't my Mama's old stainless mixing bowls. These are a few notches above!

The pink silicone covered bottom even has textured ridges to ensure a good grip on your countertop. The covered handles make gripping, holding and pouring a breeze.

Stunning, shining brilliant beauties. Makes prepping food for cooking or baking BETTER.

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